Bolderājas kuģu remonta rūpnīca Ltd.  was established in 1994 on the base of the oldest ship repair enterprise of the Baltic region that was founded in 1866.

 Our company has all required infractructures for repair of any types of vessels:

  • berth with total length 320 m is equipped with all kinds of supply (electric power, fresh water, compressed air) and hoisting equipment (2 cranes M32/16).;
  • dry dock facility with capacity to accept various types of vessels  with DWT up to  4,500 t and  length up to 120m.
  • production facilities and auxiliary services, electric sub-station, air compressor station, pumping house,  of water-supply plant.

The staff and specialists of enterprise periodically promote the level of qualification on the different programs of training such as measurement methods, various world standards, testing and control methods.

 We are able to  perform all kinds of  repairs for different classes of ships dry cargo vessels, reefers, small  tankers, tugs,  self-propelled and  tow  barges, cutters.

 We execute:

      repair of main engines and auxiliary engines , ships auxiliaries .

      repair of propulsion, propeller and rudder gears .

      repair of electrical machines and cable run

      repair of deck machinery, various types of pumps and compressors

      repair of shipboard systems and pipelines

      repair of heat exchangers and pressured volumes .

      repair of boiler plants

      repair and fabrication of  vessels hull constructions

      repair of hatch covers

      cleaning and painting of hull and hull structures of vessels

 Repair works are execute under supervision and with regards to the leading class societies requirements  and  rules